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When I say “Malvan”, the things which are coming to my mind are Coconut trees, Clean blue beaches, Malvani masala (spices), Malvani Khaja, Fresh fish, and Konkani Manus(people). With all of these entities Malvan is an incredible place to visit.

Malvan Taluka consists of villages such as Sarjekot, Khalchi Devli, Jamdul, Juva, Pankhol, Talasheel, Masure, Angane wadi, and Achara.

I want to introduce you to some beautiful places near Tondavali-Talashil and Tondavali beach resorts that come under Tondavali Talashil tourism.

Tondavali Talashil Tourism

Tondavali-Talashil is small villages located in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra state. The major occupation here is fishing and agriculture.

Nowadays, Konkan is getting to know about tourism and I wanted to add some untouched and less-known destinations that you should not miss when you visit.

If you want to visit a peaceful place, a greeny around the area, crystal clear water of the beach, long white sand road and if you want to walk on that road without footwear.

Also, nobody will be there to disturb you, not even a single person and you can enjoy the picturesque view all alone. Then places near Tondavali beach and Talashil beach are the best to visit.

Places to visit in Tondavali -Talashil

Tondavali Beach

Tondavali Beach
Tondavali Beach | Photo by Somnath Nagawade From Somnath Nagawade youtube channel |

Tondavali village is becoming the next tourist destination after Goa, Tarkali, and Devbaugh. Tondavali is situated between the Arabian Sea and Kalawal creek or Gad river and it is 25 km away from the North of Malvan.

Tondavali has twin islands called the Pankhol-Juva islands. and there is another island called Khot- Juva island which is different from the twin islands. These three islands are blended by four sides of the water of Gad River.

If you are going there by car or bike then you will see grassland by the roadside. And an Un-limitless road with no traffic.

Tondavali beach is endowed with small fine grains of white particles that are spread on land, Serenity is spread everywhere, the view is greenery on the land and overcast in the sky, a serene of a blue backwater is a picturesque view

Tondavali  Beach is an Environment-friendly tourist destination. In Tondavali beach you can’t see a single plastic wrapper or bottle or any other substance that can harmful to the environment. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Malvan.

Shree Wagheshwar Temple & Shree Gopal Krushna Temple

Shree Gopal Krushna Temple
Shree Gopal Krushna Temple | Photo by Sarvesh Pednekar from
Sarvesh Arts Photo
graphy |

Tondavali village has two main temples one is Shree Wagheshwar Temple, a village deity and another is Shree Dev Gopal Krushna Temple which has a beautiful carving on it.

Visit our another page to know more about Shree Dev Gopal Krushna Temple, Tondavali.

Wagheshwar Temple is surrounded by a dense forest. Tondavali is the only village where Tiger is worshipped in every house.

Tigers or any wild animal is common in this village. To date, there is no such example that Tiger has attacked humans.

Shree Wagheshwar Temple
Shree Wagheshwar Temple | Photo by Dipesh Pujare from
Dipesh Pujare Vlogs |

People from this village have faith in Wagheshwar and they say Wagheshwar is a guardian of their village.

Local people say that the tiger has come to the Wagheshwar temple many times. You will find the monument of two tigers, side by the temple.

The word Wagheshwar comes from the Marathi word Wagh which means tiger in English. Based on this, the Wagheshwar name is given to the temple.

You need to be aware because, Local people from Tondavli say that you may found Tiger, leopard, reptiles, etc. as they have seen several times.

So be careful while visiting the destination especially in the night time because you cannot see any street lights there.

 Talashil Beach

Talashil Beach
Talashil Beach | Photo by Somnath Nagawade From Somnath Nagawade youtube channel |

The distance between Tondavali and Talashil Beach is 12.9 Km. It will take 30 minutes to reach Talashil beach from Tondavali beach by car. There is another route if you want to go by bike or walking.

On the way to Talashil, you will found Wagheshwar Temple which is nearly 8 minutes away from Talashil beach by car. Do must visit the temple and take Darshan.

After moving ahead, you will see Suruche Van (Casuarina trees) surrounding by sides. It is a beautiful spot to take pictures.

You can eat fresh Malvani seafood and veg foods nearby the beach restaurants with a beautiful sunset. I feel that people who reside nearby or at Tondavali are so lucky.

You will find many hotels/resorts that charge from starting price of 1200 rupees for a night. You get the river view from the hotel end.

If you want to see a glimpse of Dolphins, you can ask for it to fisherman or a guide. They will take you to the middle of the Arabian sea.

Pankhol Juva & Banda Islands

Pankhol and Banda Islands
Pankhol and Banda Islands | Photo by Sarvesh Pednekar from
Sarvesh Arts Photograph
y |

The Pankhol Juva and Banda are the islands situated between the Gad river in the Hadi village of Malvan Taluka. The distance between Pankhol Juva island and Banda island is half km.

Only 26 families residing on Pankhol island and only 4 families residing on Banda island.

If you want to spend a night on the island then there is one homestay option is available that is Sadguru Krupa Homestay.

There are approximate 4,000 Coconut trees. The island looks like a leaf. If you have to go anywhere else from these islands, you have to go by boat. This is the only option to travel.

Talashil Peninsula

Talashil Peninsula
Talashil Peninsula | Photo by Somnath Nagawade From Somnath Nagawade youtube channel |

A few steps ahead of Talashil Beach you will find Talashil Peninsula. On the front side, you will see Serjekot Fort (Killa) and Dive Sarjekot which is known for Scuba Diving points.

Here you will see a confluence of the Gad River and the Arabian Sea. Your’s children can build a castle of sand. Volleyball or other games can be played here.

Shimpala Point   

Shimpala point is located few minutes away from Talashil peninsula and Dive Sarjekot. You have to take a boat ride from Dive Sarjekot to Shimpala Point.

It has a mixture of rock and little water with a large amount of Seashell. You’ll love to see different types of seashells oysters.

Sarjekot Fort

Sarjekot Fort
Sarjekot Fort, Tondavali | Photo by DURGWARI |

Exactly in a straight direction of Talashil Peninsula, you shall see Sarjekot Fort. It is built by a great Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1668 at the mouth estuary of Kalavali Creek. This fort was built on rocks at a strategic position for security reason.

There are five bastions and a stone wall encircling the fort. This fort gives shelter to Shivaji Maharaj’s ships during storms and the rainy season.

The fort has a beautiful entrance with carved work which shows a great work of Maratha Architecture done in the 16th century.

The main tourist attraction of this fort is the enchanting sunset view and waves of the Arabian sea stroking to the walls of the fort.


I hope that this Todavali Talashil tourism article may encourage you to visit beautiful Tondavli Talashil and nearby palaces.

I covered all the picturesque destinations including Tondavali beach that you shouldn’t miss when you visit.

In this blog, I tried to be more focused on providing Informative content and Untouched destination that you must visit.

Read our another Tondavali Talashil article consisted of top things to do in Tondavali Talashil and Tondavali beach resorts.

The featured image is of Tondavali Talashil drone view | Photo by Somnath Nagawade From Somnath Nagawade youtube channel |

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