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I have divided the blog on Tondavavali Talashil Tourism into two parts.

The first part consisted of places to visit in Tondavali Talashil and another consisted of things to do in Tondavali Talashil & Tondavali beach resorts which you are on currently.

If you haven’t seen our previous blog on the Best places to visit near Talashil Tondavali Beach, then go first read this blog.

Because I have put very detailed information about places near Tondavali Talashil.

Things to do in Tondavali – Talashil

Take a break under Casuarina Trees

Casuarina Trees Tondavali Beach
Casuarina trees at Tondavali Beach | Photo by Somnath Nagawade from
Somnath Nagawade YouTube Channel |

The Casuarina Trees called Suruche Van in the Marathi language situated between the Gad River and the Arabian Sea.

While going by car or bike you can see tall Casuarina trees and a small road with Red soil (Lal mati).

You can take a break here and relax on the swing. It is a good place to enjoy and having lunch in the middle of the Jungle.

The environment here is like hearing birds summoning and hazy sunshine is spread everywhere. You can take pictures here, it is a very beautiful spot.

Enjoy Water Sports at Tondavli – Talashil beach

Scuba Diving at Tondavali
Scuba diving activity at Tondavali

If you want some thrill and more fun then water sports activities are most emerging in Tondavali – Talashil nowadays.

Tondavali – Talashil is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy water sports activities and always ready to discover the excitement.

Here are the Water activities that you can enjoy:

Sea Safari-

  • Dolphin View
  • Shimpala Point
  • Kavda Rock
  • Sangam Point ( Confluence of Gad River and the Arabian Sea)

Water Sports-

  • Scuba Diving ( 30 Min.)
  • Paraceiling (10 Min )
  • Snorkelling (20 Min)
  • Banana Ride
  • Bumper Ride
  • Water Scooter Ride
  • Speed Boat Ride

Upcoming mega ultra-project in the Tondavali village

Sea world in Tondavali

India’s first sea world or oceanarium in Tondavali worth rupees of  6,300 crores And it has a major advantage of no displacement of localities.

It will include a dolphin stadium, themed restaurants, a 3D dome, a theatre, and an underwater film shooting studio.

When this project is completed, we all get lots of things to do in Tondavali Talashil.

Tondavali Beach Resorts. Where To Stay?

1. Coconut Garden Beach Resort

It is nearest to Shri Dev Gopal Krushna temple, Talashil. The dining area is scenic.

Your foot is on the sand and you are eating under the coconut trees. The specialities of this resort are Malvani Food.

  • Room starting from 1200/- Night for two-person (Non AC)
  • Room starting from 1500/- Night for two-person (AC)

2. Nityanand Pride Beach Resort

It is the first resort on the way to Tondavali Beach. The resort is very clean and surrounded by greenery.

The beach is next to the resort and indeed it is lonely which gives a sense of a private beach. The rooms are very cosy and you will find polite & attentive staff.


3. Athaang Beach Resort

It is located midway to Tondavali and Talashil Beach. The Resort is very cheap. The specialities of this resort are Service and Hospitality.

Backwater at one side and few footsteps away is the beach makes the destination so lovely & peaceful such that you keep on hearing sounds of waves.

  • Starting from 800/- Night for two-person (Non AC)

(Note: Price may vary depending on the season. You can also book accommodation earlier for your trip by contacting them or Online booking.)

What To Eat In Tondavali?

Malvani Konkani food at Tondavali Beach
Malvani Konkani food at Tondavali Beach

Fresh Fish is the specialities of Malvan. You must try Bangada Fry, Prawns, Paplet (Pomfret) Fry, Seer fish (Surmai), Soundale. Dink Solkadi.

Solkadi is the favourite drink of the Malvani people after lunch and dinner. It helps in digestion and also it is tasty.

The fish platter (thali) is around 350 rupees and the price will be varying season-wise.

Best time to Visit Tondavali and Talashil

If you want to see a picturesque view then after the monsoon season i.e. November to April will be the best time to visit Tondavali and Talashil Beach.

Because you can take advantage of water sports, beach views, dolphin view, etc. or you can visit on Winter Season.

If you want to see ultra greener Konkan and you don’t care about water sports activity and rains, then monsoon season is for you.

FAQs: Tondavali Talashil Tourism

Things to do in Tondavali Talashil
Tondavali Talashil Drone view | Photo by Prasanna Morye From Prasanna Tales |

How to reach Tondavali beach by Train?

You have to reach Kankavali or Sindhudurg or Sawantwadi railway station. Kankavali railway station is the nearest railway station to Tondavali beach which is about approx 39 Km.

After reaching Kankavali station, you have to reach either Achara Titha or Malvan by ST bus.

Then From Malvan or Achara Titha, you can get Auto Riksha or another ST bus to reach Tondavali Talashil beach.

How to reach Tondavali beach by road?

To reach Tondavali beach from Mumbai, you have two options. Either you can travel through Mumbai – Goa national highway or you can travel Mumbai – Bengaluru highway via Pune, Kolhapur.

The distance between Mumbai to Tondavali beach is about 458 km by Mumbai- Goa highway and 553 km by Mumbai – Bengaluru highway.

To reach Tondavali beach from Pune, you have also two options. You can take Mumbai – Bengaluru highway or you can reach Mangaon first, then you can continue to Mumbai- Goa highway.

The distance between Pune to Tondavali beach is about 380 km by Mumbai – Bengaluru highway and 436 km by Mumbai – Goa highway.

How to reach Tondavali beach by boat?

If you want to go by boat then you have to reach Revandi Village and look for Revandi Jetty. After reaching Jetty it will take 20 Rupees Return ticket to Talashil Beach.

The distance between Revandi Jetty and Talashil Beach is approximately 5 Km.


I hope you like this thing to do in Tondavali article. Indeed it is a very beautiful and untouched place. If you want to avoid a crowded place and looking for a peaceful place, picturesque view.

Also, want to do some thrilling water activities then Tondavli Talashil is the best place to visit.

The featured image is of Talashil Beach | Photo by Prasanna Morye From Prasanna Tales |

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