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You can share your family trip, friends trip, solo trip, honeymoon trip, road trip, college trip, school trip stories with any kind of activity such as trekking, mountain climbing, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping etc. with us.

We would love to publish it and would love to feature you on our website. Featuring links to companies or businesses or third party individuals other than you are not accepted.

The story should be include following:

  1. Clear photos with credit.
  2. A clear title of the story.
  3. 800 – 1000 words. (can be extended if necessary.)
  4. Detailed information about the place and time. (expenses should be included clearly.)
  5. Storyteller info.

Email your story to [email protected] and wait for a response. We will get back to you in two working days. We will try to respond as early as possible. After publishing your story, we will email you the link.

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