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Rajmachi, one of the historical Fort in Maharashtra which has played a strategic role in the First Anglo-Maratha War. The place is one of the favorite treks of many trekkers and very popular among them. But this trek was not as ordinary for us as others. It was one of that shocking events I can’t forget in my life.

Here I will show you full information such as what are the ways to reach Rajmachi, what are the things we should consider before going there, the best time to visit Rajmachi in this Rajmachi Fort trek guide. Also, I sharing my story here. Hope you like it.

About Rajmachi

Rajmachi is located in the heart of Pune and the rugged hills of Sahyadri Mountain. It comprises two twin fort one is Shriwardhan and another is Manaranjan hill-fort. The total height of the Rajmachi fort from sea level is 2710 feet. The nearest village to this fort is Udhewadi village.

Rajmachi Fort Trek Guide
Site map of Sriwardhan & Manaranjan Hill-Fort, Rajmachi

There are two routes to reach Rajmachi Fort:

  • Lonavala – Jambhali Phata – Rajmachi (Most suitable option for the people who are coming from the Pune side)
  • Karjat – Kondana Village – Rajmachi (Most suitable option for the people who are coming from the Mumbai side)

We have tried both of these routes. We climb up through the Lonavala route and climb down through the Karjat route.

There are many trains Runnings in the morning from both Pune and Mumbai sides. If you are coming by train, my suggestion would be to try for a reservation because it gets a rush in monsoon and winter season time and you have to go sometimes in a standing position.

Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort

By Train: There are many share autos standing beside the Lonavala railway station. You can get a shared rickshaw or taxi up to the Tungarli Dam/Lake from there. It is nearly 5km away from the station. You can get a shared taxi up to Jambhali Naka. Further distance you have to cover by foot to the Udhewadi village which is the base of Rajmachi Fort.

By Road: You can drive your car from your departure location to the Tungarli dam or Jambhali Phata. Forehead road is uneven and muddy in monsoon season. You can ride a bike up to Udhewadi village from your location.

Rajmachi Fort Trek Guide
Tungarli Dam located at the route of Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort

Karjat to Rajmachi Fort

By Train: You have to reach Karjat by train and from there you have to take Tum-Tum(auto-rickshaw) to reach the Kondiwade Village. Further, you have to climb, this route is a bit risky and up-hill.

By Road: You can drive your car from your departure location to the Kondiwade Village. Further, you can start the trek towards Rajmachi Fort.

Rajmachi Fort Trek Guide
Karjat to Rajmachi Fort Trek

My Rajmachi Fort trek story

It was rainy season my exam was just finished, I and my friends were looking for some unbound beauty of nature and adventurer place. Lots of places are coming from each one of us. Then one of my friends recommends that we should visit Rajmachi Fort(Killa). So we browsed about Rajmachi Fort trek guide and everyone said that we must have to explore this place.

Part 1: Kalyan – Lonavala – Rajmachi

Finally, We are 4 friends fixed on the date of 10th July 2017. We were very much excited about our first trekking. On the day of the journey, I woke up at 4:45 AM had tea and bath, and left home.

As per the plan, Two of my friends were coming from the Badlapur and our plan was to catch the train from Kalyan together. But unfortunately one of my friends could not enter the train, due to a heavy rush on the train and my other friend woke up late so he could not come on time.

My other friend & I were coming from Kalyan Junction. From Kalyan railway station, We catch up Indrayani Express at 6:33 AM from Kalyan railway station.

In a standing situation, we reached around 8:45 AM at the Lonavala station. one who left and another one who woke up late both come from another express (train).

Then we 4 friends finally met each other. We were hungry so we ate dosa and idli sambhar for the breakfast. And started trekking the fort at 10 O’clock by walking. The road was too bad and muddy. We took our first break at the Tungarli dam.

Further, we took a second break at the mid-way waterfall. The light rain had started. After lots of time-pass and 8 hrs of walking in the rain, we reached the base of the fort. There was still raining, but we anyhow managed to eat lunch in the rain. Then we moved ahead to climb the fort.

We were climbing more and more, but we were not able to see the top face of the fort. At that time I started feeling sick. But I was climb using the stones.

However, we reached the top and the view was very beautiful. We were enjoying the view, clicking photographs. You can see Udhewadi village and surrounding areas from the top.

The local families of Udhewadi provide food and camping accommodation to the tourists. After taking some rest, we started climbing down.

Part 2: Rajmachi – Karjat – Kalyan (Horrible Part)

 We reached the top at 4:30 pm something. We were very tired by 8 hours of trek. and we all had come traveled on standing and I wasn’t feeling well. My health was down.

At the base of Rajmachi, we meet 9 people who were actual trekkers, and they were also heading towards Mumbai. They knew the route, so we decided to climb down with them. That’s the mistake we did.

In the morning, we had asked for the direction to Rajmachi to the shop owner by the roadside. The shop owner had warned us to leave early as much as possible in the afternoon and told us to avoid trekking in the evening. There are plenty of cheap options available to stay at the Udhewadi village. One of my friends was convincing us to stay in the Udhewadi for the night.

But we thought we are going with an experienced group of 9 people who know the route better, so it will be safe and sound. But it was not a good idea.

At 5:30 pm we started to climb down. This route is very tough to both climbs up and down. The day was getting darker and heavier rain has started. We were asking these people again and again that how much time it will take to reach Karjat? They just said a few minutes only.

After a few hours, we came to know that we have lost in Jungle in the middle of heavy rain. After some time they officially declared that we have completely lost. But it was not time to blame each other.

It was time to accept the fact and think about a solution together. We were climbing down through the 80-degree edge. at some point, there was a waterfall in the middle of our route, and water pressure was so high, so we were unable to cross through it.

The night was getting darker and we weren’t able to see each other faces. Heavier rain wasn’t stopping. Me and one the guy from the group was dealing with sickness. But we didn’t have the option.

We had only three torches so we divided them into 3 phase. One torch guy was at the front of the group, the second torch guy was in the middle of the group and the third one was at last. These three guys were showing us direction in the dark.

There was a point, we had to go through the valley. There was heavy rainfall, the valley is started filling with water. The water level keeps rising and we are going down slowly. We were walking by stepping over big rocks and had troubling to find a way. This was a point I lost my all hopes to live alive.

It was not the horrible thing that we have lost in the jungle in the night. We were a total of 13 people. We would easily pass the night in the jungle together. It was the thing that the water level in the valley is constantly increasing and we weren’t able to find a way. We might have been sunk in that water.

GPS wasn’t working in the jungle. drinking water was finished. Some of the guys were panicking. But that was not the day of our death. Ganpati Bappa has blessed us and we got a plain surface point. suddenly rain had also stopped.

We stopped at that point and took some rest. Actual trekkers made groups and they split to find out the way. Suddenly one of my friends got the network on his phone and his Google map was shown Kondana caves is just 11 minutes away from us.

The one guy took his phone to find out a route. We started to move ahead and pass the Kondana-Caves. From there, after 1 hr. of walking, we see one house. On everyone’s smile on face has come.

We sat there drank water. That time water’s taste was so good. We ate biscuits and moved ahead. Further, we got a tumtum (auto-rickshaw) to reach the Karjat station. We travel with the last local to CSMT and everyone alighted with their nearest station to home.

Approx., a total of 40 km, we trekked continuously in a single day with the memory of adventure, scary, horrible, panicking moments, and tiredness. Maybe it was a bad decision, but it makes an amazing memory.

That time I decided to write a blog on this horrible event and I decided to make a Rajmachi Fort trek guide, so no one has to go through such an experience.

Rajmachi Fort Trek Guide
Happy faces after surviving a horrible situation and after 40 km of the rough trek.

Best time to visit Rajmachi

During the summer, it has quite High-temperature ranges from 25-45 degrees Celsius during this you cannot see as much greenery and the sun will be on your head and you will miss the heart point of Rajmachi i.e. crystal clear waterfall.

I would like to suggest the month of June will be the best time to visit Rajmachi. At that time, you can see greenery everywhere and cloudy weather because of the monsoon season and that environment will keep you enthusiastic.

Rajmachi Fort Trek Guide
Greeny, cloudy, foggy road to Udhewadi village

Things you must carry with you

  • 3-4 litter Water Bottle
  • Cap
  • Torch
  • Trekking shoe
  • Raincoat
  • Lighter
  • First aid kit
  • Medicines

FAQs: Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi Fort Trek Guide
Karjat to Rajmachi fort Mid-trek way

How do I get from Lonavala station to Rajmachi fort?

First, you have to reach Jambhali Phata by share auto. There are many share autos available at the Lonavala Railway Station that will take you to Jambhali Phata.

The auto fare to Jambhali Phata is around Rs.200/person to Rs.300/person.

From Jambhali Phata you have to trek for 8 km and you have to reach Udhewadi Village. From Udhewadi village you have to trek for 1 hour to reach the Rajmachi Fort Peak.

If you are coming on a bike. then you have to reach Udhewadi village and you can start the trek from there.

How much auto fare is from Lonavala to Jambhali Phata, Rajmachi?

The share auto fare from Lonavala Railway Station to Jambhali Phata is around Rs.200/person to Rs.300/person.

How to reach Rajmachi Fort from Karjat?

You have to reach Kondiwade Village by vehicle. You can start the trek from Kondiwade village. Then first you have to reach Kondana Caves and then you have to trek for 7 km to Rajmachi Fort.

How can I go to Rajmachi fort from Mumbai?

Reach Karjat station by train, then get an auto to reach Kondiwade village. Start the trek upward direction. You’ll be passed through the Kondana caves.

If you are travelling by your own vehicle then reach Kondiwade village and start the trek.

I hope you like this blog on Rajmachi Fort trek guide and I hope you get the info from my personal experience. Please read our other blogs on Travel & Tourism and also share your experience in the comment box.

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